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Managing an entire School is not so easy task and there are lots of systems available around that can use to manage strong enquiry, admission, enrolment, class, accounts, communication, student monitoring, attendance, class schedule and for others. For this Edukr Tech has a complete solution. It’s my pleasure to introduce, user friendly software which can act an effective assistant of you by reducing your work loads. I have been walking around offices by creating awareness to people over the past few years. Many companies had accepted my software and they were happy due to my visit. I am proud to help you by making your work easier and reducing your operational costs.

I am very happy to show you the features and demonstrate the functions of my user-friendly software, which has greater capabilities to help you. If you want to make easy your task and reduce cost of management of your company, this software is an outstanding tool to help you do that.

School Management Software Key Features

User Friendly Interface

Manage Enquiry & Follow-Up


Class & Session Management

Fee Management

Attendance & Leave

Class & Time Table

Assignment & Home Work

Exam & Performance

Stock & Inventory

Custom SMS & Notification

Post Dated Cheque

User Management & User Roles

Advance Dashboard

Fee Collection Reports

Due Reports

Send Automatic Due SMS

Accumulated Total Fee Reports

Overdue and Upcoming Due Reports

Collection Book

Advance Cheque Reports

Cheque Reports (Clear & Bounce)

SMS Notification & App Alerts

SMS History

Hostel & Room

Transportation System

Live Class Key Features

Livestream audio & video

Share screen

Live conversation

Live class recording


Question and answer

Online course/package selling

Documents sharing

Online Examination Key Features

Question bank

Test series

Test package selling

Performance reports

NTA test panel

Online test / practice test / quiz

Upload questions through word/excel format

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